Curator: EREZOO

Participants: EREZOO and Bella Potchy

We all evolve and change all the time. The experiences we have bring about new insights and perception shifts. We learn from our mistakes and the people around us, but change is not always comfortable. It is not always easy for us to say out loud that we have made a mistake, admit a weakness or flaw, or face the consequences of our decisions. A real inner change requires us to make an effort, to push mental boundaries, dismantle and reassemble, to look inside and accept who we were, so that we can be who we are. This creates an interesting situation – we are always us, meaning, we are always the same person, and yet we are in a constant internal change. The exhibition displayed along the Natural History Museum walls invites the viewers to undergo a process of internal transition and change, through an ongoing series of illustrations that reflects the emotion, beauty, and difficulty of introspection.

Illustration: EREZOO and Bella Potchy

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu> 10: 00–19: 00
Friday – Saturday> 10: 00–14: 00

Museum of Natural History Jerusalem - The Armenian Space

6 Mohliver St.

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