Prayers for the Road

Curators: Elad Lifshitz and Aaron Friedman

Participants: Shimon Engel, Shlomi Gorodetsky, Rinat Gilboa, Ofer Getz, Menachem Halberstadt, Ofer Winter, Yaniv Torem, Tamar Lev, Naama Lahav, Ben Mires, Noam Nadav and Rachel Columbus

You left because you wanted to arrive, you believed it would be better there, you risked leaving behind the familiar and comfortable for an intermediate time-space-soul, at the end of which you hoped to find something better. You looked back and realized that the place you thought you are in is getting smaller and disappearing into the horizon. Without noticing – you moved, or maybe it is just time that moved, and from any place the change and gap are noticeable. The exhibition explores our mental states when we are on the road. Expectations, anxieties, longing, transience, and the supplies we had in the transitions we have made throughout our lives; objects, texts, people, mantras – anything that accompanied us on our journey.

Illustration: Ben Mires

Opening Hours:
Public space - Open 24/7

Underground passage - train station, Yitzhak Navon

Shazar Blvd. 6

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