Open Call exhibition

Curators: Ben Molina, Lena Freidman, Adar David and Matan Weisbrot

Participants: ???????????????????

The Israeli animation community Loopdeloop strives to promote original Israeli animation. Community members participate in events, festivals and even initiate a monthly competition focusing on a new theme each time. After the long lockdown, the notion of “outside” became fluid and its boundaries blurred. What is “the outside”? Where does the outside end and the inside begins? With the long-awaited reopening, Loopdeloop Israel team invited the local animation community to reflect on the concept of “the outside,” offer their interpretation and express the feelings and sensations it carries in short animations.

Illustration: Sapir Danan

Opening Hours:
Every evening during the festival

city center

ZAHAL Square

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu> 10: 00–19: 00
Friday> 10: 00–14: 00

Museum of Natural History Jerusalem - Yard

6 Mohliver St.

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