Jerusalem - a place to share

Curator: Noa Kelner

Participants: Naama Benziman and Yoni Shalmon

Guides of the Agreements: Betzalel Stauber and Ron Lerman

Jerusalemites don’t give one another any passes, certainly not when it comes to areas of contention in the shared public space of the city. At the same time, they also do not give up on one another and insist on continuing to share life in Jerusalem. In this spirit, illustrators Naama Benziman and Yoni Salmon created an exhibition of posters that wish to offer visual expression to the different issues in the city. The exhibition is the joint initiative of the Center of Conflict Resolution of Jerusalem Municipality, members of the Municipal Agreements Council, and Plugta group, which brings together social activists from all sectors in the city and focuses on building agreements on these hot topic issues in Jerusalem.

Illustration: Naama Benziman

Opening Hours:
Public space - Open 24/7

Light Rail Stations:

Central Station, Machane-Yehuda Market and City Hall

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