Kuntzi and Bobby Make an Exhibition

Batia Kolton and Rutu Modan – Illustrations for Children

Artistic Administrator: Dana Benshalom

Participants: Batia Kolton and Rutu Modan

Graphic Design: Field-Day

Dedicated entirely to children, the exhibition features select children’s literature illustrations created by Rutu Modan and Batia Kolton - displayed at the little readers’ eye level. In the exhibition, children and their parents can wander between the illustrations Kolton and Modan created over the years, and see not only to the visual story unfolded in the books but also behind the scenes of the book: The illustrating hand, the thought that goes into figures, and the illustration process. The exhibition will also include original sketches and illustrations, exposing how a line or a shape are made, how the composition is created, which characters made their way to the image and which were left in the sketchbook. 
At the time of the exhibition, the small gallery will be turned into a children’s library with all the books that the two have illustrated, like a quiet reading room where visitors can delve into the stories and exchange experiences.

Illustration: Batia Kolton and Rutu Modan

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu> 10: 00–18: 00
Friday> 10: 00–15: 00

Hansen House Gallery

Accessible entrance: Dubnov 2
Regular entrance: Gedaliah Alon 14

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